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Today’s QuizLaw Challenge

danionella.jpgThis one is for the fellas out there. Try to get through the following passage without developing severe heart palpitations. Bet you can’t!

A 2cm long fish apparently found it’s way into the penis of a 14-year-old boy from India in a bizarre medical case.
The patient was admitted to hospital with complaints of pain, dribbling urine and acute urinary retention spanning a 24-hour period. According to the boy, the fish slipped into his penis while he was cleaning his aquarium at home.
Professor Vezhaventhan and Professor Jeyaraman, who treated the boy and later wrote a paper on the case, explained: “While he was cleaning the fish tank in his house, he was holding a fish in his hand and went to the toilet for passing urine. When he was passing urine, the fish slipped from his hand and entered his urethra and then he developed all these symptoms.”
After detecting the fish in the boy’s bladder, Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman used a technique known as cystourethroscopy to insert a special set of forceps down the patient’s penis. Unfortunately, the fish was just too slippery to grip, so they resorted to using a rigid ureteroscope with a tool attached that is normally used for removing bladder stones.

I think we all learned a valuable lesson here: Never hold a tiny fish in your hand while taking a leak. Those things can swim upstream, you know.

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To quote Dan Savage: "How does that happen?!?!"

I call shenanigans. Accidently?

You took the fish into the bathroom while you were peeing because...?

Bitch, please.

I second the shenanigans. Urine would be expressed outward, not inward, how the hell would a fish swim against that stream?