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Lock them up and throw away the key

electricCollar.jpgSeriously. Parents who abuse their children are some of the most despicable people in our society, and Wayne Burkhart and his wonderful wife Rebecca are prime examples. Last week, Jacksboro, Tennessee police arrested the couple in connection with their wonderful treatment of their five children, who run between 11- and 18-years-old. Specifically, Wayne was charged with two counts of rape and aggravated assault, while his wife was charged with failing to report her husband’s abusive ways.

An arrest report said Wayne Burkhart shocked some of the children regularly with a dog shock collar he used to train hunting dogs.

Speaking of dogs, I think we should take the lead from Michael Vick on this one - let’s put this couple in a pit and make them fight like dogs. If they’re reluctant at first, their kids can push buttons which will fire up the shock collars wrapped around Wayne and Rebecca’s neck. Let’s see how those bastards like it.

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He can spend some time in jail with this guy: