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Letterman Bitch Slaps McCain on “Terrorist” Remarks

Here are the highlights, folks. And I guess I’m mostly peeved that McCain tried to turn this all into a joke. I mean: Yeah. The Late Show is a comedy show. But Dave had the guts to ask McCain a lot of things other journalists haven’t bothered to ask, and McCain awkwardly tried to blow him off. You just sort of feel like McCain was staring at the clock and praying for his segment to end.

My favorite part: McCain is all, like, “Well, Obama hasn’t been open about his relationship with Ayers. He said he was a guy from the neighborhood, and we know there’s more to it than that.” And then, when asked about G. Gordon Liddy, McCain initially says, “Who? Oh, that guy. Yeah. I met him once.” And then, after the commercial break, he’s all, like, “Oh, that G. Gordon Liddy. Oh, him. Yeah, we’re best buds. I hang out with his kid. But this is different. Liddy served time!”

So, if Ayers had spent some time in jail, then I’m sure he and Obama’s non-existent relationship would’ve been just fine.

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Awwwwwwww, it's gone! And I didn't get to catch Letterman, and I am lazy, so now I will probably never see it... :sad, sad face:

um...does this come from a "fringe" supporter?

the left should market sarah palin costumes for halloween- all you need is a white sheet and glasses.

I am still going to be the best Palin ever.

Stupid Blackberry ad.

Played fine for me. The add was annoying, but once it was done there was all that Letterman goodness.

I do think its interesting that no matter how much Obama explains his affiliation, McCain keeps saying Obama needs to explain the affiliation. Its like he knows something about the relationship that even Obama doesn't know. Kind of like he knows how to find Bin Ladin but is waiting until he's elected to let anyone know how.

Weird, I wonder if he knows where to find Jimmy Hoffa and is just waiting until he is in office to share that info as well.

"Weird, I wonder if he knows where to find Jimmy Hoffa and is just waiting until he is in office to share that info as well."