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Brother can you spare a thumb?

thumb.jpgUp in Manitoba, Canada (eh), Muri Peace Chilton is serving a life sentence for the brutal rape, torture and murder of a teenage girl back in 1977 (way to live up to your middle name, buddy). One day, he was working in the clink’s shop when his thumb got caught between two hunks of metal, causing some cuts and blood spurts and the loss of a hunk of nail.

And hurt feelings, after a prison official laughed at his pain:

“The laughter was so loud that it could be heard over the din of the industrial machines and the dust collection system,” Chilton said. The instructor joked about the injury for months, he said.
“The self-respect of [Chilton] and inherent dignity of [Chilton] as a person suffered greatly due to the laughter,” he said.

And then, the poor bastard had to walk all the way to the infirmary without any gauze for his poor thumb, although he was certainly in better shape than what he left his poor teenage victim in.

Anyways, scumbag filed a lawsuit, naturally, and was awarded $2,500 because of the government official laughing at him. Hopefully this fucker will never be paroled to enjoy his newfound money, and will be stuck spending it on prison smokes.

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You missed the last sentence. The judge (quite deliberately, I bet) awarded him the same amount of money as he owes the government for the cost of bringing motions that he lost. So he will not get a dime.

This makes me sad for my country.