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Let me see that thong-th-thong-thong-OW!

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun comes the tale of a thong gone wrong:

As she was attempting to put on a Victoria’s Secret thong, a Los Angeles woman claims that a decorative metallic piece flew off the garment and struck her in the eye, causing injuries and a new product liability lawsuit against the underwear giant. Macrida Patterson, 52, alleges that she was hurt last May by a defective “low-rise v-string” from the Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Thing” line, according to a lawsuit filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Victoria’s Secret officials asked to examine the garment and the decorative piece, but that request was rejected by Patterson’s counsel. For those unfamiliar with “v-strings,” the undergarment is the Victoria’s Secret variant on the “g-string,” which has long been favored in the battle against visible panty lines.

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Ha! So I saw this on D Listed, and they interviewed her and her lawyer (who sounds like a total noob). They showed a pic of the offending thong. The decorative piece was in the back. How in the world did it hit her in the eye?? Unless someone didn't tell her that the thong part goes in the back...


p.s. This was excellent bar review for me! Products Liability AND Civ Pro!

what's a 52-year-old woman doing wearing a thong?

You guys ellipsed around the best line in this report:
[Her lawyer] added that the eye injury, which caused Patterson to miss a few days of work, will be "affecting her the rest of her life."