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Lesser of Two Evils Loses Millions

hansen.jpgI’ve never been a huge fan of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” and I always suspected it was only a matter of time before they drove someone to suicide. And in fact, they did just that a couple of years ago: A district attorney who had a sexually explicit chat with an adult posing as a 13-year old boy didn’t show up for a sting operation. Instead, he killed himself.

His sister sued for $105 million and, after a judge concluded that NBC “crossed the line from responsible journalism to irresponsible and reckless intrusion into law enforcement,” the network settled. And I think that’s just.

On the other hand, the guy was probably a pedophile, so I’m not so sure how much enthusiasm I can muster for a woman who just won millions of dollars because her brother liked to chat-up little kids.

Either way: That’s one less lawyer. And that’s how Jesus would want it.