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Latest Vile Copyright Infringer: Dancing Baby

Check this cutish home video below: It’s an adorable 18-month-old toddler. And he’s dancing. What’s he dancing too? Well, if you listen really hard, you can sort of hear Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” playing on a very bad sound system in the background.

And, of course, that was enough to piss off Universal Music Publishing Group, which demanded the clip be removed from YouTube earlier last month, arguing that the background music infringed on its copyright. Universal notified Stephanie Lenz (the mother of the todder in the video) by bringing a DMCA claim.

Now, Lenz is actually suing Universal for damages (in cahoots with the Electronic Frontier Foundation), “alleging that the music in the clip was self-evident non-infringing fair use,” and claiming she was harmed “substantially and irreprably.”

Man alive — so much stink for a silly 29-second video. Seriously, the kid’s not even that cute.

… Nah, he totally is.

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Oh please. Her suing them in return is just as stupid and pathetic *if not worse* than their copyright cry in the first place.

Are you kidding with that, Torrence? If it gets corporations to stop handing out frivolous infringing use claims against citizens ill-equipped to defend themselves, or at least causes them to think twice, then more power to her....

Amen, Jen. Good to see the little guy slapping back.

But someone needs to expose that kid to some gay men along with the Prince music, or he's going to be doing Dorky White Guy Dance for the rest of his life. Perhaps if Universal pays up, his mother can afford to hire one.

...the kid really isn't that cute.

I remember when I licensed my first bit of music. A video company heard a song of mine on Garageband or some other such site and sent me an email asking to license the track. We did the deal, I got a few dollars. They only used 15 seconds of the song (in a surf video) but I was thrilled. The fact that everybody commenting here can't see that however benign her intent, what this mom did is theft of intellectual property. She made a home video with Prince's music and posted it on a public site. Prince has a right to insist it be taken down--it's his work not hers. He has a right to expect compensation for his creative work. How'd you like it if somebody stole a tire off your car, you sued them and then they counter-sue saying, "hell, it was only one wheel and I am only using it for my personal driving." I make a poor living writing music. Every theft of intellectual property on the internet; every illegal CD created is a stake through my economic heart. This madness and the mindset that is behind it must stop.