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Killing Time in Wisconsin

wisconsin.jpgI don’t know about you, but when I think “Wisconsin,” I think cheese. (Actually, as a bitter Eagles fan, I think “god almighty how many ways do I hate the bloody Packers right now,” but that’s beside the point.) And when I think “cheese,” I sometimes think pizza. Which brings us to an unnamed resident of Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. Last Sunday, local officers from the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department showed up at Mr. No-Name’s house because several hang-up calls had been placed to 911 from that house.

Inside, they had a discussion with someone at Mr. No-Name’s house and learned that the calls to 911 were because this certain someone was pissed off that the pizza recently delivered to their house was burnt. The article goes on to explain rather matter-of-factly:

Officers inspected the pizza and determined that it indeed was burned.
Then they told the caller to call the pizza place with their complaint, and not 911.

Which should be, oh I dunno, common sense. The caller in Mr. No-Name’s house got off lightly, however, as they were not arrested or charged with anything. Hopefully they learned from this lesson and once January rolls around, and they no longer have the football antics of wicked Brett Favre and company to hold their interest, they’ll find a better way to occupy their time than calling 911 to complain about burnt pizza.

Because everyone knows you call 911 when you have burger issues.