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Killing Time in New York

nycounty_610x442.pngYou gotta love NY — New Yorkers don’t take shit from anyone (well, except the Cowboys and the Patriots. And the Broncos). You don’t mess with a New Yorker, if you know what’s good for you. They’re like Texans, without the firearms.

Take, for instance, a 32-year-old man in New York who sought out a senior citizen he could mug for some easy cash. Not so fast: The mugger followed 74-year-old Bruce Ferraro out of a department store carrying a tire iron. When Ferraro got into his car, the man pounded on his car and demanded cash.

And Ferraro’s response: “You’ve gotta be kidding me?”

And after the mugger called Ferraro an “old man” and threatened to kill him with a tire iron, it was on. Ferraro got out his car, grabbed the tire iron, scuffled a bit, and snatched the damn thing away. And then who was running?

Of course, the mugger didn’t get too far away — his car stalled in the parking lot and police apprehended him. He was arrested and charged with attempted robbery.

The lesson here: Dont’ fuck with New Yorkers. Even the old ones. They will hand your ass back to you with a tire iron sticking out of it, brother.