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Justice Perverted!

article_alimony.jpgWell, how about this for fairness: A man has been ordered to pay alimony to an ex-wife who beat their son to death.

The decision was issued in the case of Linda Calbi, who is serving a three-year prison term after pleading guilty to beating her son, Matt, on Aug. 17, 2003, during a violent argument at their home. He died hours later from internal bleeding and cardiac arrest.
“I don’t understand how anyone can look my brother in the face and tell him that he has to pay this woman alimony,” said Brian Sokoloff, brother of Linda Calbi’s ex-husband, Chris. “Half of this opinion espouses sympathy for my brother, and the other half is saying, ‘Too bad.’ “
Linda Calbi was originally charged with murder, but the charges were later downgraded to aggravated assault, based on expert reports that medical error contributed significantly to the boy’s death. She was sentenced last year to three years in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until November 2008.
The Calbis were divorced in 2001 after 15 years of marriage. A few months after Matt’s death, Chris Calbi fell behind his alimony payments and filed papers in court seeking a reduction or termination of his payment obligations.
“She took the life of her oldest son, scarred her younger son for the rest of his life, and tore the fabric of my soul from me,” Chris Calbi wrote in papers filed in Superior Court in Hackensack. “To reward this evil and violent woman by allowing her … to derive a financial benefit from the family she destroyed … can only be described as a perversion of our justice system.”
A judge ordered him to continue making payments, then later interrupted alimony for the period that Linda Calbi is incarcerated.
But Chris Calbi’s arrears had risen to more $40,000 by then, and the judge ordered him to pay $400 a month to his ex-wife’s prison account.

I’m sure that Linda Calbi, somewhere in her legal documents, also argued that at least her husband doesn’t have to pay child support. Sheesh.

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No Justification for this. Those Judges should be impeached. The poor man loses his son and then is expected to pay her. No way. AXJ www.action4justice.com