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America Loves Its Troops!

support.troops.osc.jpgThe Bush administration and the G.O.P. just love to herald how much they support the troops. When it comes to war morale, they are the troop supportiest! That is, unless the troop in question loses an eye, a leg, or an arm and then, of course, the troop is no longer any good to them, which is why, of course, the Department of Defense is now asking wounded veterans to refund part of their enlistment bonuses if they are unable to fulfill their commitment because of, you know, getting shot by an insurgent.

In fact, one Jordan Fox received $10,000 for joining the Army, but when he survived machine gun battles and a roadside bomb that cost him his sight in one eye, the DoD sent him a bill, asking Fox to return $3,000 of his bonus because he couldn’t fulfill three months of his commitment. And, according to CBS, this isn’t an isolated incident: Thousands of wounded soldiers are being asked to return their signing bonuses.

I guess that’s just the DoD’s way of saying, “Happy Holidays.”

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No way. I refuse to believe this. Its just too ****** up.

They've rescinded this policy due to the public outrage. We didn't have this sort of problem when I was in the service during the Carter years. It was pre drug testing and they knew we had blown all the money on dope.

What about when a soldier is killed in the line of duty? Do they go to the funeral and ask his or her family for their money back?

Between the VA denying my buddy benefits for his two missing fingers, to my seizures that took me six months to get them to acknowledge, I'm not surprised at all anymore by shit like this. Next you'll be telling me members of congress are sexual deviants.

Now Diablo, that would never happen.

Oh, wait...