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Just because it’s CALLED a Bloody Mary…

With Halloween only two weeks away, I bring you this tale of a drinker of blood. But this guy ain’t no Dracula.

mr-vampire.jpg Li Man-yiu, 29, got completely blasted one September night in Hong Kong. He had been on quite a wild ride, and had somehow managed to injure his toe. So he stumbled along to a hospital in order to get treatment.

Now, he has been on a major bender already, so you would think he was quite satisfied. But, our parched pal is just so darn thirsty though. So he drinks two of three blood samples he ‘found’ on a nearby lab station. After he realized his impromptu shooters were more hemoglobin than Henessey, he immediately ran to the john and began to puke.

He pled guilty to theft, and the courts agreed, acknowledging that he was under the influence and wasn’t intentionally trying to skeeve everyone out. He got two months and a freaky story that will keep dudes from messing with him while he is in there.

“What’chu in for?”

“I got hammered and drank the blood of some random folks.”

“… … … I’m gonna go waaaaaaaay over there.”