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patrol-car.jpgAh, Florida. I’ve missed you so. Polk County, Florida is where we find a 44-year-old deputy who was forced to resign late last month. This is because his peach of a wife and mother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to take the patrol car out for a joyride. Turns out, the authorities frown on that sort of thing. Wife and her mum were arrested, and now face charges of vehicle theft, firearm theft, and impersonating an officer. Oh, and since the guy’s wife is also a convicted felon, she gets a bonus charge for firearm possession.

The thing of it is, it’s a shame that the deputy had to quit. I mean, sure, he shows bad judgment by being married to a felon who is inclined to take cop car joyrides. But he didn’t know the car was taken, so he’s really more stupid than anything else. And if we’ve learned anything here at QuizLaw, it’s that there’s never really been a threshold intelligence standard for cops. Especially in Florida.

(Hat tip to Cathleen)

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Florida...the Australia of the U.S.