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Is this a new type of loan remodification?

loan-modification.jpgRussell Bileci is a real peach. The Oakland man borrowed $100 from Maurice Williams, promising to pay him back later that night. But Bileci apparently decided that he didn’t want to shell out a Franklin to cover his debt, so he told Williams that he would repay his debt by letting Williams have sex with his 46-year-old girlfriend of six years.

The girlfriend, needless to say, knew nothing about this. In fact, she was asleep at the time Bileci and Williams made the deal. Bileci and his girlfriend live in a downtown residential hotel, and Bileci let Williams into their room. Bileci then sat in the room and quietly watched as Williams began sexually assaulting the woman. This went on for a half-hour, until cops showed up, after being called by other residents who heard the woman’s screams, and arrested both Williams and Bileci.

The duo now face eight felony counts that could land them in the clink for over 30 years. Over a hundred freaking dollars. Asshats.

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Lemme guess...you're really disappointed that this didn't happen in Florida.