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Join or Die

join-or-die.jpgSeattle’s Mayor Greg Nichols thinks that the city needs to declare its independence, seceding from the state. Apparently, he’s simply fed up with the traffic and transportation problems.

Our region should declare its independence. If we were a country, [our economy] would be just a little smaller than Thailand. We would be larger than Colombia, Venezuela. We are held back because our state and federal government still believe our economies are driven by wheat farms and timber logging.

Unsurprisingly, he now says this was all just being said tongue-in-cheek, even when he said, “I am serious when I say we ought to talk about independence.”

This reminded me of my favorite newspaper article ever when, back in high school, the local City Paper had a front-page declaration that Philly should secede from the state of Pennsylvania. The article was fantastic, and I completely agreed with it then, and agree with it now. No reason some cities shouldn’t be able to go off and declare their independence. Hell, while they’re at it, they can secede from the U.S. too, become their own country, like Vatican City nestled right in the middle of Rome. In fact, I bet many in the Philly area would love for the city to wall itself off (not sure how folks feel about Seattle).

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Fantastic. As a Seattle resident I think this is a great idea. You go to Seattle and what do you find? White angst hippies amongst the white angst yuppies amongst the occasional brown angst hippie/yuppie hybrid. They're their own kind unto themselves. Full of piss and vinigar and still strumming their guitars on streetcorners singing about...organics, long hemp skirts, tight hipster pants and dreadlocks on white folk.
Viva la independance.

The reason that Mayor Nickels proposed secession is that the city is literally mired in deadlock traffic and we can't get Washington State voters to approve legislation to fix ailing bridges and viaducts because part of the vote is left up to the (largely rural) eastern half of the state who couldn't give a s**t what happens in Seattle. Meanwhile, I commute to work every day on a bridge that EVERYONE has been warned will collapse/fail after the next big windstorm. In this respect, I think Mayor Nickels' idea, while extreme, is borne out of frustration and necessity.
/exhale, step off of soap box

For the uninitiated, the city is surrounded by water on three sides, with a major economic center (the Eastside, home of MICROSOFT) across a lake, so bridges are of vital importance.