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Five Years Ago Today, “Major Combat Operations Ended in Iraq!”


Only 96 percent of the Iraqi War casualties have occurred since then! Thanks, Mr. President!

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The best of that whole picture is who got the blame for that banner, which according to those in charge, a bunch of enlisted guys climbed up there on their own and hung that stupid thing. Six years on the Roosevelt, we couldn't shit without prior approval.

I heard on the radio this morning that the White House now admits the sign was wrong, and it should have said "Mission Accomplished For The Men and Women On This Carrier."

I nearly crashed from the laughing.

My nephew is heading back to Iraq in the next couple of months to lead a Marine Corp infantry platoon. I am immensely proud of him and I know he'll do right once again. He will keep a sense of moral balance and he'll take care of his troops while discharging his responsibilities in an honorable manner.

That being said, I can't fuckin' believe that we're still in that pestilential shithole cuz King George needs to suck the house of Saud's dick en masse! What kinda fuckin' country have we become? Five years! Jesus Christ!