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John McCain Gives Good Face

Here’s the debate in 90 seconds … not the substantive parts, really. Because, who the hell could listen to what anyone was saying with McCain making all those Crusty McBastard faces. There were moments, in fact, when I thought that McCain was going to turn to Obama and say, “Tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya!”

Props to the Kos.

Update: Here’s one with a soundtrack!

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Haven't watched the vidya yet, but isn't the freeze frame a bit of plurium interrogationum? "Which do you favor, government meddling or government meddling?"

"A sound, like a dumptruck being thrown off the Empire State Building..." Big ups for the Pee Wee reference!!

Just what we need, a president who rolls his eyes and makes faces when he doesn't agree with the other person talking. That should make us even more popular with other world leaders.

Anybody else having the videos freeze after a few seconds?

No, it's definitely me. Damn.

You know, I watched as much of the debate as I could stand, and I don't like McCain either, but Obama was shaking his head, laughing, putting on an incredulous look, etc. when McCain was talking as well. It was like watching a couple catty middle-schoolers debate. If I were them, I would have been writing responses on my notepad and holding them up, since they had the camera rolling on both the whole time.

he looks like a petulant child. Is his response to the gaffs at his age, acting like he is back in middle school?

Eep, do you mean something like Wayne's World, and his whole Notecard Interview bit? Because that would have been amazing to see in a presidential debate.

Anne, that's exactly what I mean :-)

I think some on-the-fly caricatures would have been fantastic as well. Maybe a flipbook movie or two.