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Father of the Election Year

baby-name-bible.jpgMark Ciptak is a truly patriotic man. The “truly patriotic” part comes from the fact that the apparently staunch Republican decided to name his daughter Sarah McCain Palin in order “to get the word out” about the McCain/Palin campaign.

The reason he’s truly a man, however, comes from the fact that he did this behind his wife’s back. He and his wife had previously picked the name Ava Grace for their daughter, but whatever with that — Ciptak went and had a truly patriotic name put on his daughter’s birth certificate, and his wife will just have to deal with it.

See? The addition of Palin to the Republican ticket really does show how much women have progressed in this world and in the Republican party. No longer are you womenfolk forced to simply suffer what your men tell you. …Or something like that.