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John Edwards Has a Mistress (Slow News Day)

58573.jpgMan, didn’t the Democratic National Convention used to take place the last week of July? If it still were, we wouldn’t be forced to resort to tabloids for news for the next few weeks. But, such is the case, and why not? Who doesn’t like made-up shit? Indeed, The National Enquirer, the New York Times of gossip rags, is reporting that John Edwards was spied walking out of the hotel room at 3 a.m. this morning after visiting his mistress and love child. That’s apparently his mistress above, Rielle Hunter. A real cutie, huh?

A months-long NATIONAL ENQUIRER investigation had yielded information that Rielle and Edwards, 54, had arranged to secretly meet afterward and for the ex-senator to spend some time with both his mistress and the love child who he refuses to publicly acknowledge as his own.
The NATIONAL ENQUIRER broke the story of Edwards’ love child scandal last year, when Rielle was still pregnant and Edwards was still considered a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Both parties denied the NATIONAL ENQUIRER report and a close friend of Edwards’ came forward and said he was the father of Rielle’s baby. But sources told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER a far different story - they revealed that Edwards was engineering a massive cover up of his shocking infidelity.

Here’s why I don’t believe the story: 1) Edwards wouldn’t do that to his wife, and 2) Edwards is a stud. If he were also a cad, he could do a helluva lot better than that woman.

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The reason I know it's fake is because it's a woman.