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Assault with a Deadly Peanut?

peanut-butter-sandwich.gifYeah. That’s the headline.

Robyn Lee, 23, of Corryville, was charged with aggravated assault after being accused of trying to cram a peanut in the mouth of her allergic neighbor Saturday evening. Lee appeared in court Monday on the peanut charge and a related criminal damaging charge.
According to police and court records, Lee was riding in a car with a neighbor, Shenna Ferguson, just after 6 p.m., when she allegedly tried to put the peanut in Ferguson’s mouth.
“I told her to stop because I was very (allergic) to peanuts,” Ferguson wrote in an affidavit. “She laughed.”

It gets you thinking, doesn’t it? I mean, what if The Dark Knight had a peanut allergy. It’d be like his kryptonite, you know? Supervillians would just pelt him with peanuts. Or slather him with peanut butter and leave him to die. The next movie’s villain could be PB&J, a hyper-maniacal evildoer with a peanut butter fetish. Or Sesame Street’s Mumford: “Ala Peanut Butter sandwiches!”

Yeah. I’m grasping at straws. But it does allow me to present this video nugget of awesome:

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On a note that is completely unrelated to any post today.... Three elle, we expect you to completely kick ass! Remember, if you don't do well it'll reflect badly on quizlaw! All BS aside, good luck!

The hammer is my peanut.

Aww, thank you Bill! If this whole law thing doesn't work out, there's always the circus!