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It’s Not News. It’s Huh?

farkLogo2.gifSeveral days ago, Drew Curtis — the owner of the most popular site in the history of humanity, Fark.com — filed a trademark application to claim ownership of the acronym, NSFW (“not safe for work”), knowing that — even if it had coined the acronym — that the odds of obtaining the trademark protection is slim. Nevertheless, Curtis filed a legit application and inspired anger from a lot of stick-in-the-butts, who — for some reason — believe that Curtis actually intends on using it to sue all other NSFW websites out of existence.

For Curtis’ part, he’s keeping tight-lipped, declining to comment other than to say: “It would give away where we’re going with this whole thing.” And I have absolutely no theories on why he’d do it, but I’m sure there’s a great reason. But, if you’ve ever read comments on the Fark forums, you’d probably wonder why Curtis didn’t try to trademark “I’d hit that” instead.