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It’s Naked Tuesday, Part II

adrana-dominguez.JPGYou can’t have a real Naked Tuesday without porn stars, now can you? Well it’s your lucky Tuesday, because today a (very amateur) porn star and the law have once again intersected for your reading pleasure. That’s because Adriana Dominguez, a third-year law student at Brooklyn Law School, just wanted to spice up her 3L experience. And really, there are a lot of lulls between finals, and there’s barely anything to do with that time other than strip for the cameras, get spanked, and hold up some gavels to show off your legal smarts.

Although Dominguez’s 45-seconds of naked infamy originally aired last January, it’s finally making the rounds this week, mostly via the inboxes of other law students at her school and around the country. And now, of course, the New York Daily News (under the very lame subhead: “Holy Torts!”), which has nothing else to do but to speculate (hey! Fuck off — we’re excused; we’re a blog. We honestly don’t have anything else to do), is hypothesizing that Dominguez’s strip tease will give her a hard time once it comes time to sit for the bar. Well, poppycock, I say.

If a girl can’t get naked in an episode of Playboy’s “Naked Happy Girls” (an episode entitled “Rock Star and the Lawyer”) and still be admitted into the NY bar, well, there really is no justice in the world.

For the perversely curious, Above the Law has a mostly safe-for-work screen shot of Dominguez in action. And, I’m guessing, this is as close to an Antonella Barba type scandal that’ll ever hit the legal blogosphere, so enjoy it while it last. Tomorrow, after all, is “Put Your Goddamn Clothes Back on, Jackass” Wednesday.