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It’s like National Lampoon’s Vacation only, you know, not fucking funny

vacation.jpgIn Oldsmar, Florida, an asshole by the name of Jack Q. Brown has been charged with animal cruelty. Seems that Asshole Brown thought it would be a dandy idea to take a young bichon-yorkie dog, Riley, out for a walk.

By dangling Riley’s leash out of the driver’s-side window and speeding off at about 45 miles per hour.

The witness told deputies he saw the dog bouncing off the roadway, off the side of the van and at one point saw the dog go underneath the van between the two left tires. The suspect eventually let go of the leash and continued driving.

Luckily, Riley was relatively unscathed, save for some bumps and scratches. Hopefully, when Brown is tossed in the clink he’ll get some bumps and scratches.