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Has W been ruled a felon?

bush.jpgAttorney Jon B. Eisenberg has posted an absolutely fascinating story over at Salon about a lawsuit he’s involved in, as co-counsel for the plaintiffs, against President Bush over the warrantless wiretapping shenanigans. Key to the story is a confidential document which the government accidentally turned over to the plaintiffs, a document which allowed them to originally establish standing by showing that the Feds had definitely eavesdropped on the plaintiffs.

From there, the story involves an almost-showdown between the FBI and a judge, the filing of secret briefs and responses to secret briefs which the attorneys never got to see, secret meetings in windowless rooms, the questionable illegality of a lawyer’s brain, the battle of the Desk Leg versus the Hard Drive (hint: the hard drive totally won), arguments over whether knowing you know something means you actually know something and a court decision that the “unitary executive” theory that Bush and company loves ain’t kosher.

As Eisenberg explains, this case is likely to soon be the one and only case left dealing with the whole warrentless wiretapping program, so it’s kind of a big deal. And the Salon article really is a great read, and probably the most interesting thing you’ll read today. So do yourself a favor and take twenty minutes to check it out.