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It should come as no surprise that “oral arguments” work a little different down in Florida

restroom.jpgA Florida state Representative, Bob Allen, was arrested yesterday for soliciting an undercover cop in a park bathroom. Allen apparently kept going in and out of the bathroom, presumably trolling for manmeat. He eventually offered to give the undercover cop oral pleasures for $20 which is, you know, what got him arrested.

But he was going to pay to give a BJ? I love Florida!

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Actually, this is a common practice in Latin American cultures. I think they have some kind of name for it, I'd have to ask my boyfriend. But yeah, they pay to pleasure you or bottom or whatever. I don't really get it, but it sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Also, down South, it's not uncommon for otherwise 'straight' men to receive this kind of treatment and not get any flack from other guys.

I got the impression from the linked article that he was selling blowjobs, not paying to give them.