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Is that a burrito in your pocket or are you just trying to save the world?

burrito2.jpgOh Florida, Florida, how many ways do I love thee? Today, my Florida love is directed specifically towards the city of Melbourne, as that’s where Dr. Raymond Adamcik got himself arrested, giving us this amusing story. See, the 54-year-old family physician was spending his Saturday night taking part in a pub crawl along with a bunch of other doctors. At one of the bars, a place called On Tap, Dr. Adamcik got himself into some trouble when he was harassing women with a burrito that he had sticking out of his tights.

Yes, I said burrito. And yes, I said tights.

See, this pub crawl was apparently some type of costume party, and our good doctor was dressed as Captain America. And for some reason, Dr. America had a burrito in his tights, sticking out of the top. At the On Tap bar, he was asking women if they wanted to touch it. When one lady said “no thanks,” he allegedly started to grope her. She called the cops, who showed up a short while later. That gives us my favorite part of the story, one of the officer’s notes in his written report:

There were so many cartoon characters inside the bar at the time, all Captain America’s were asked to go outside for a possible identification.

The lady then identified Dr. America, and they found the burrito stashed in his boot. He was then arrested and taken to a holding cell, where he got in further trouble for trying to flush a joint that was also stashed in his tights. He now faces charges for battery, disorderly conduct, drug possession and trying to destroy evidence. All of which are, of course, decidedly un-Captain-America-like.


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how do you think i feel? he was my doctor.guess i wont be deeing him anymore.