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Is Alberto Gonzales actually brilliant?

agAG.jpgAfter sleeping on the Attorney General’s testimony for a night, Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick changed her mind about his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Perhaps what we watched [on Thursday] was in fact a tour de force, a home run for the president’s overarching theory of the unitary executive.

You really should check out Lithwick’s article for all the details, but the “unitary executive” is basically a theory that the President and the executive branch has very broad and far-reaching authority, and that Congress doesn’t have much right to limit that authority. Lithwick says that looking at Gonzales’ testimony in light of this theory, he basically spent hour upon hour reiterating to Congress that he was simply there as a courtesy to the Senators, trying to help them out; but that he really didn’t have to be there so he could answer however he saw fit. In other words, “suck it, Senators, and suck me while you’re at it.”

… meanwhile, Bill Clinton thinks Alberto should do Bush a good one and just resign already.

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Now... step back for a moment and think! What if, just what if the take of 'tour de force' was not what you assume it is?!? What if, just what if... Gonzales did what Bush said today: he said what he could honestly say... what would that mean??? Stop being the instant jury and take it all in before judging. Assuming is going to come back to bite.

Wait, what are you on Interested? Because it seems like some good stuff... what if, just what if... you shared that with the rest of us?? o_O