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Insert Chicken and Waffles Pun Here

CFA_logo.jpg315166885_6fd831a2a2.jpgI don’t know about you Yankees, but down South, Chick-Fil-A is considered hallowed ground, which is why they take the Sabbath off. Waffle House, on the other hand, well … not so much.

Which is why this story jumped out at me. Seth Cathy, the founder’s grandson and heir to the Empire that Dwarf Houses and Eerily Intelligent Cows built, was arrested and underwent a medical evaluation after barricading himself inside a WH bathroom.

Atlanta police say Seth Cathy, 20, entered the restroom at the Waffle House on Northside Drive on Monday, barricaded himself inside, then proceeded to wreck the bathroom.
When police arrived, Cathy could be heard inside the bathroom, causing damage to the walls and fixtures. He also flooded the room.
After getting the door open, police found Cathy inside, nude, and holding a metal toilet paper dispenser.

Of course he was naked. Because barricading yourself in a bathroom is one thing. But to do it inside a Waffle House bathroom? That takes crazy of a whole other caliber.

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Another rich, entitled kid cracks and damages other peoples's stuff? Whatever.

The really annoying thing about those Cathys is this: I only ever crave a chicken biscuit on Sunday mornings and then realize, "No, that hangover cure is unavailable." I don't like being silently called a heathen by a corporation just because I want a damn chicken biscuit on a Sunday. But then it's hard to hate them, what with their cows, and the fact that they actually give their workers a day off and scholarship money. Grr.

We have a chick-fil-a in Sioux City, Iowa. It is both magical and delicious!

I could eat those waffle fries everyday!

yeah, see: this one about the outcome of being moralizing morons I get. Obviously taking the "sabbath" off doesn't stop your retardedly-rich son from being a violent version of Paris Hilton.

Oh, how I love both the Waffle House and Chic Fil-A...

I actually read a little press release a while back from the Chic-Fil-A owners saying that regardless of religion, they thought it was important to ensure that their employees would all be guaranteed at least one day a week to rest and hang out with their loved ones. I thought that was even sweeter than their delicious lemonade.

Besides, if you're suffering a hangover in the South, the Waffle House never closes. They got hangover-cure cuisine a'plenty...

These establishments need each other, being such perfect foils for one another. When, oh when will people see???

Well, here up north in Illinois, I've never heard of a Chick-Fil-A, and I thought a waffle house was actually a type of resturant, not the actual name of the fuckin thing.

So I'm a little confused, but I'll just go with it.

Rich little shit has a breakdown-what else is new?

What Waffle House bathroom doesn't remind you of some very bad middle of nowhere truck stop bathroom? And he was naked in that...Fantastic. If only he had brought with him the Burger King face mask.

What gives any of us the right to judge someone? Haven't we all made mistakes? How would you like it if someone was writing nonsensical comments about your life? Yes, he made a mistake, but nobody knows all the details. Knowing his family, he has never let his family's success go to his head, nor has he ever done any actions remotely similar to the strange actions at the Waffle House. The Cathy family believes in God; so what suddenly one mistake makes them all bad people??? I believe God tells us the complete opposite: We all sin. Forgiveness is supposed to fill our hearts, and Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins.

Seth Cathy happens to be a friend of mine and he is a kind and wonderful person. Have any of you ever thought that maybe there was something deeper going on with him than just being what you call a "rich snob". Some people have disorders that cause them to act other than they way they normally would. How about you have a little sympathy instead of judging others without knowing them.

I saw him dancing in a boy group at a talent show & it looked REALLY GAY...

All of you need to use your time more wisely and stop gossiping about Seth. I have known Seth since we were able to talk. His family and mine are close, since my dad also owns a Chick-fil-A. Everyone has their hard times and all we can do for each other is pray for the Cathy family as they are going through a hard time right now.

I go to collge with Seth and all I can say is I feel for him and his family. The Cathy's have done so many wonderful things for people who have been beaten down by life. The Cathy's have several foster homes on the mountain campus of Berry college and they have given so many people second chances. I'm praying for Seth, because he is obviously hurting.

The family released a statement the following day saying that it was "neither alcohol nor drug related." I can assure that the Cathy family wishes it was something related to alcohol or drugs because this is a problem that can be easily fixed rather than a debilitating disease that may affect Seth for a lifetime. Both he and his family are extremely reasonable and sensible- they are not your "typicaly rich family" nor are they snobs of any sort. Their lives are examples of the unconditional love and grace they hope to share with others. As both an employee of the chic-fil-a company and a recipient of one of their many generous scholarship, I can assure you that their beliefs are not imposed upon their employees or friends- they lead by serving in a very selfless manner and in an environment that is free of judgemental arrogance like some of those displayed here. Have some respect and at least, some class.