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In: Things Not to Do with a Microwave

microwave.jpgAmong the things you shouldn’t do with your microwave: Don’t put metal or tin foil in the microwave, don’t leave utensils in microwave, don’t microwave eggs (explode), CDs (even though it’s really pretty), kitchen sponges (they will ignite), grapes (burst), or lightbulbs (releases dangerous chemicals into the air).

But most importantly, don’t microwave your baby. It’ll get you 25 years in the clink. Joshua Mauldin learned the hard way, after microwaving his baby for 20 seconds, resulting in second and third degree burns, which necessitated two skin grafts and the partial amputation of the baby’s left ear.

Joshua Mauldin should get far more than 25 years. He should be thrown into nuclear waste.

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Or else, zap him twice a day on high!

Where did that information about flammable kitchen sponges come from? A recent study, published in the Journal of Environmental Health, showed that microwaving a *wet* sponge at full power for two minutes killed 99% of harbored bacteria and spores; four minutes killed 100%. This is much more efficient than a dishwasher.

Holy frakking God in heaven, that poor kid! 25 years? That's ALL this jackass is getting for torturing an infant?

Kitchen sponges are OK to microwave if they are MOIST. Dry ones will totally catch fire.

I think this guy should indeed be microwaved as his punishment. With a dry sponge in his mouth and tin foil in his ears.

That's probably the sickest thing I've ever heard. He deserves far worse. I'm with Kolby.

old CD + Microwave for 3 seconds = Cool looking coasters!

I don't know how material it is, but I'd like to know why he did it. Was he trying to dry the kid off after a bath or kill it? Imagine the stupidity...I can.

Yeah nice one trivialising this tragedy. Let's all get a good laugh out of a baby's misfortune. Sick.