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If ever a homicide was justified… Part II

myspace2341234.gifEarlier today, Seth gave us a story about a man who shot his wife for turning off the TV, definitely a case where the punishment fits the crime. Likewise, Hughstan Schlicker, a 15-year-old teenager, shot his father in the head with a shotgun, killing him. But he had an even better reason for murdering his father: His Dad took away his access to MySpace! Scoundrel!

Schlicker said he often spent entire days on MySpace and couldn’t cope when his father cut off his access to the site.
“It felt like I was stabbed with a knife and it went straight through and … no matter how hard I pulled, I couldn’t pull out the knife,” Schlicker said, according to an interview transcript in the police report.

To be fair, however, Schlicker did express remorse during a police interview, telling detectives “I wish I didn’t do this,” and “I miss Dad.”

Welcome to the MySpace Generation, America!

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I have a sneaking suspicion that there was more going on in the background than simply a MySpace moratorium.