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I’m Sorry — I Seemed to Have Misplaced My Car. In Your Pool.


This actually happened to me, twice, though my car didn’t land in a pool either time. Once, I’d forgotten to put on the parking brake, and my car managed to squeeze out of a parallel parking spot, on its own, and crash into a car across the street.

The other time, however, I had gone to pick up my girlfriend for a date. When she answered the door, she said, “Is that your car rolling down the street?” I chased it for about a block, before a man started yelling at me to “Let it go, son. Just let it go.” I did. It sideswiped a boat and landed softly in a pile of mud. Ta da!

Use the parking brake, people! That’s what it’s for.

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My mom once forgot to set the parking brake in their driveway, and her car ended up crashing into the neighbor's tree. Good thing to know this is a common occurence ;)

My favorite part of the story is that the daughter was called at her place of employment: Hooters.

Looking at the fence, and then where the car has ended up, it looks like the car made a VERY sharp left before taking a dip.

And even that doesn't explain the position it's in now. What's with that?

@TMax: The probably floated a bit and then spiraled down as it took on water.

My dad left my two year old self in the car RUNNING parked uphill while he ran into the bank to get money (1979 was a much more innocent time). The bank was uphill from the train tracks...a train was coming...

I put the car into gear, rolled down the hill toward the train and my impending doom and hit a parked car. A little anti-climatic but it got my dad to spoil me for the rest of my life.

This happened to me Tuesday, I was in a rush and neglected to pull the parking brake and my Audi A4 decided it needed to savage the ice cream truck parked 10 feet away. I get my car back next week, wallet lighter by my deductible...Joy.

Curb your wheels dude! Curb your wheels! I live in the land of steep hills and you get ticketed if you don't for this exact reason.


Parked in my driveway, I left the brake off and my car rolled into the street and half way onto the big grassy median. Thank god for the median. The annoying part was the guy who pulled over and came up to the door to tell me about it. Instead of wanting to offer a warning, he wanted to lecture me about safety - while my car was still half in the road. Because safety is important, but not as important about being an opinionated blowhard.