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I’m not crazy, I’m just … oh, well, maybe I am just a touch nuts

theSun.jpgOver in Australia, Stephen John Peterson hasn’t been having many g’days (…sorry, I couldn’t help it!). Ten years ago, he assaulted a 62-year-old man at a train station. However, he wound up accepting a plea of not guilty of “wounding with intent to murder” by reason of being mentally insane. Which sounds like a relatively good outcome, all things considered.

But Peterson would beg to differ.

He’s been representing himself in an appeal of this ruling, and his reason for seeking this appeal is fan-tastic. He says he was on drugs at the time of his original guilty plea, and that the drugs are the only reason he accepted his lawyer’s advice to plead not guilty by reason of being mentally ill. And that would be totally fine and normal and dandy, but here’s the kicker:

He also said that despite three psychiatrists agreeing he was mentally ill at the time of the attack, the judge in his Campbelltown District Court trial, Joseph Ford, QC, erred by not consulting with a number of higher beings such as the “sun god” who he said had incited him to assault Mr Lowry.

That’s right folks, it’s the old “I’m not crazy and furthermore, I can’t believe you didn’t talk to the Sun God before declaring me crazy” defense.