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I’m already placing an order for some new business cards

loophole.jpgOver in England, “celebrity lawyer” Nick Freeman has trademarked his nickname.

Wait … celebrity lawyer. *quick Google search commences* Well, looking at his Wikipedia page, I recognize a few names (Sir Alex Ferguson, Becks and Wayne Rooney), so ok, whatever.

Anyway, the British tabloids apparently dubbed Freeman, who is famed for getting celebs out of various driving convictions, “Mr. Loophole.” And now he’s trademarked it, saying: “The media coined the term for me and, while some might not know the name Nick Freeman, they usually have heard of the name Mr Loophole.” And he’s all ready to sue anyway who tries to trade on his good name. So you British lawyers better watch the fuck out.

Best thing I found on Loophole’s Wikipedia page, by the by? This little nugget about Stephen McFadden, who’s apparently famous for his role on “East Enders,” a BBC soap opera:

Steve McFadden: who “had a remarkable capacity for drink” and was examined by a police surgeon, who had drunk the equivalent of nine double vodkas, and was found “for all intents and purposes to be quite sober.” McFadden was banned for 18 months, which is a fairly lenient sentence for the amount of alcohol in his blood.

A “remarkable capacity for drink?” Man, fuck Mr. Loophole. I wanna be known as Mr. Remarkable Capacity for Drink!

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Is that a common bar/pub name? That looks just like the logo for The Loophole in Denton, Texas. I don't live in Denton anymore but I think about the Loophole all the time. Damn do I miss it.