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Crush on Obama Does Not Extend to Actual Vote

obama-girl.jpgOh, Obama Girl.

“I didn’t get a chance to vote today because I’m not registered to vote in New York,” she said.
So where is Obama Girl registered to vote?
“New Jersey.”
Um, but didn’t New Jersey also hold a primary?
True. The problem, she explained, was that she was sick in New York City and was unable to get back across the Hudson River to the polls in Jersey City.

Of course, she wasn’t too sick to attend a party that night or roam the streets of NYC the day before to conduct interviews. So disheartening — you put your faith in someone wearing short shorts and a belly-exposing mid-riff, and she lets you down every time.

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And yet, looking at that pic, I feel really, REALLY forgiving.

Besides, its no wonder she was sick, seeing how she was wearing such skimpy clothing in New York in February.

If she wants to come out to Ohio, she can come to the polls with me and help me cast my vote next month.

John, just make sure you aim away from the voting machine. Those things are sensitive.

I mean, you know what they say... "never trust a big butt and a smile"