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I’m All Lost in the Supermarket / I Can No Longer Shop Happily

supermarket.jpgRemember a couple of weeks ago when we reported that Florida had passed a law making it legal to take guns to work? Well, now we can see that law in action:

A West Palm Beach man pulled out a gun in an argument with two supermarket managers, who then whipped out their own guns, police said Tuesday.
Police said the problem started when store manager Marino Hernandez shouted at Grant that he was walking into the store through the wrong doors. The men got into an argument, and when Hernandez told Grant he should take his business elsewhere, Grant pulled out a revolver, police said. An assistant manager, Roberto Espinal pulled out his gun and pointed it at Grant, police said.As Grant backed out of the store, Hernandez also pulled a gun, police said.
Grant fired three shots into the store, which had several customers inside, according to authorities. Hernandez yelled at Grant to drop the gun. Instead, Grant got behind a car and pointed his gun. He shot again, this time at Hernandez, police said. Hernandez did not return fire, police said.
The two managers got on either side of Grant and told him to drop the gun because police were on their way. He did.

Well, look at that! Florida’s Bring Your Gun to Work Law effectively prevented a murder! And it only took a shootout in a grocery store to prevent it!

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Why I will never take a teaching position at a US campus that allows students to pack, Exhibit A.

Guns + confrontational environment + authority figure + term stress + heated discussions of hotbutton political issues + failing grades = no thanks.

And the suspect was 72. Grumpy Old Men, indeed!

this could actually be the best thing for the rest of the country-Floridians will eventually kill each other off and then we no longer have to deal with them. of course, the downside is then this blog will have very little post about.