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Craziest State in the Union Just Got Bloodshedier!

gunflorida.jpgFlorida, the state where mutants and pedophiles grow on trees, where evolution still hasn’t quite caught up, and where something close to 93 percent of the nation’s dumbass crimes occurs, is now batshit crazier! And 47 times more dangerous.

Most Florida residents would be allowed to take guns to work under a measure passed by Florida lawmakers on Wednesday.

You hear that, America? In Florida, every day is Take Your Gun to Work Day. And every other day, from now on, will be “Hostage Situation” or “Shooting Spree at Florida Workplace” Day!

Seriously: Stay the hell out of Florida.

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Maybe Florida is trying up the average IQ of their population by speeding up Darwinism...

(So do teachers get to bring guns to school? That is their "work" after all.)

"Bloodshedier"? That's an amazing fucking word! Your kid is gonna grow up proud of you!

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Yeah, like a guy who's about to go postal will stop because he's "not allowed" to park his car with a gun inside it.

I'd still rather live there than here in NY.