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If You Were Gay, That’d Be OK

craig600.jpgGood old Larry Craig — the toe-stomping Senator from Idaho — has, in the end, decided not to resign from his senate seat, this despite his inability to get his guilty plea stricken from the record. He fully intends to fill out his term now, and retire from the Senate in January 2009. However, there are more than a few Republicans who are considering trying to have him removed for ethics violations, but I think opening up an ethics investigation not only draws out the embarrassment, but offers golden opportunities to highlight all the past Republican disgraces from the last couple of years, in particular the double standard with regard to Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who was all but forgiven frequenting a female prostitute.

But, enough about that. This weekend, we leave you with the beautiful harmonies of Avenue Q. This is just brilliant. Bloody brilliant.