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If You Look Really Closely, You Can See Palin Actually Shit Herself

So, given the level of scrutiny — which will happen when your interviews are so rare that they are made into special events — I actually thought Sarah Palin wasn’t disastrous. Clearly, she was regurgitating a bunch of lines spoon-fed to her by handlers, but that’s to be expected, really. It was the same thing with George W. Bush, but his habit of mangling his spoon-fed lines gave it a more naturalistic feel.

Clearly, however, Palin was out of her depth, suggesting that a war with Russia was conceivable. Hey! Great idea! Fire up the nukes, lady.

I think she must have missed War Games.

You remember that video we posted yesterday, where Matt Damon freaked out at the prospect of this lady holding the codes to the nukes? Well, now we know why.

But really, the only time where she seemed legitimately stumped, where she was hit with a question her handlers had clearly not prepared her for was when Charlie Gibson asked her if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine. The vacant look that came over her was priceless. It’s how I looked during those moot court sessions back in law school. But, you gotta give it to Charlie — he attempted to fill her in without making her look stupid. Classy guy, that Mr. Gibson. But that task was just a little above his pay grade.

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She wants to get this world to the point (Charlie) where war is not the first option? Wasn't that - the way it was before the current insane administration? Wasn't this settled? She acts like she just thought of this (actually, she acts like she was just told this idea for the first time, and thinks it's revolutionary).

AND she thinks war with Russia is an option. Nope, no contradiction there...

Regardless of whether the Washington Post is right, Palin was still dodging questions in a way that would put John Kerry to shame.

There isn't a "Bush Doctrine" as a singular entity. The term means different things to different people. It was a dirty hit job by Gibson.

And Palin was far more on point in her answers than Obama ever is - even though he gets no tough questions from the mainstream press.

She answered the questions the same way I would write a college essay about a subject whose lecture I slept through...