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Good Will Hunts

I love Matt Damon. And everything he says about Sarah Palin in this video is absolutely correct. I applaud every word. I just wish it weren’t on video. Those goddamn Republicans will find a way to turn it against Obama. Probably something about Damon being Obama’s celebrity buddy. Because Obama is a celebrity. And all celebrities know each other. And snort drugs and have wild orgies.

Oh wait: That’s the U.S. Interior Department.

Matt: Keep your opinions on the DL, man. Affleck was a huge Kerry supporter in 2004, and we all remember how that went down.

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This summarizes for me everything that is wrong about the Huffington Post. It just doesn't help candidates to have Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin and Jamie Lee Curtis making videos and writing op-eds. It just reinforces everything the Repugs are trying to say about Obama (elitism, Hollywood-left, etc.). Celebrities need to shut up, hold quiet fund-raisers (they know more rich people than we do) and let normal people support Obama.

Every time I see Matt Damon, all I can think about is his parodied character in Team America. "MATT DAMON"