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“If I Have My Period, I Can Go in There”

tdy_sanders2_justice_070817.standard.jpgHave you ever heard of Jimmy Justice? He’s some sort of petty-crime vigilante, I suppose. He carries a video-camera around with him, waits for cops to break traffic laws, and then he confronts them about it because, he says, “writing summonses is not about public safety; it’s about revenue.”

You can apparently find a lot of his handiwork over on YouTube, mostly involving cop cars double parking, making illegal U-turns, or parking in no-parking zones. The clips are pretty entertaining, despite the fact that Jimmy Justice is also quite the dick. Here’s one of the better ones, in which Jimmy takes a traffic enforcement officer to task for blocking a fire hydrant, while a fire is in progress:

And here’s another, where a traffic cop says she’s allowed to park illegally if she’s … er … if it’s her time of the month.