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Ain’t No Crazy Like Ron Paul Crazy …

Ron%20Paul.jpgAbout six weeks ago over on Pajiba, we ran a poll asking who — at that time — most of our readers would vote for President if the election were held that day. The early results were mostly expected: Al Gore held a commanding lead, with something like 45 percent of the vote, and Obama was a distance second, with somewhere around 25 percent of the vote. However, there were a few votes for Libertarian freaktard Ron Paul, who would probably win the election in a landslide if voting were limited to the Internet.

Anyway, after about 1000 votes, people had moved on from the comment diversion to something new, probably a debate about whether it is acceptable to refer to a broken metronome as retarded or if it’s OK to taunt Rosie O’Donnell with cupcakes. But I started to notice traffic coming into the site from strange places and, a few weeks later, I went back and checked the poll. And, sure enough: Ron Paul has taken over the lead now with nearly 40 percent of the vote.

It’s because Paul-ites are dedicated. And bored beyond belief, especially to think that anyone would give a shit about the results of a six-week-old political poll on a goddamn pop-culture site.

Anyway, I offer all that as a not-so-amusing introduction to this far more entertaining clip from the old Morton Downey, Jr. show, which you may recall was sort of Geraldo, Donahue, and Springer all rolled up into one. Take a gander at Paul back during his first bid for President of the Libertarian Party, in 1988, here calling a kid a little overweight, which is exactly how he somehow managed to win the hearts of crazies everywhere:

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"It's because Paul-ites are dedicated."

I prefer "Paulbearers."


You don't get it? It's because he thinks that if the government should have the right to tell people what not to smoke and drink, then it stands to logic that they should also have the right to tell them what not to eat.

It isn't funny. It is very sad, because our very country was founded on the premise of being free of authoritarian rule. That is why we were founded as a representative republic, and not a democracy. Tyranny is merely 51% of 100.

I notice that people who resort to name-calling like "freaktard" and "crazy" usually don't have much to back up their claim.

So, humor me: name one or two Ron Paul positions you find "crazy"?

Good point, Buckwheat. I guess if somebody can't come up with something saner, he needs to call names, and hope his readers are too ignorant to think for themselves.

When they came for the drug users,
I didn't speak up, because I don't use drugs
When they came for the smokers
I didn't speak up, because I don't smoke
When they came for the drinkers
I didn't speak up, because I don't drink
When they came for the homosexuals
I didn't speak up, because I am straight
When they came for me,
Nobody was left to speak up

I'm voting for Paul and I'm a lifelong Democrat. He doesn't take lobby money, he was 100% against the Iraq war before it started, he's for less government, not more. He called a kid "fat", well, he should know, he's a Dr.. We got a phone call last night from "America for Obama" (we live in NH). The first question asked was "do you know who you will be voting for President in 2008, my girlfriend responded, "yes, Ron Paul". The caller immediately hung up. I suspect a lot of "main stream" candidates are going to be literally shccked when they find out that the people in this country are literally disgusted and worn out with all the lobby money grubbing politicians we have in both parties. Ron Paul will win in '08 and you can take that to the bank.

So the fact that Ron Paul has already come for the abortionists is just fine with you? I think that's a bit "freaktarded".

well, gee whiz, how many baby doctors do you know that are for abortion? OK, I only know off-hand who's against it, and that's Dr Paul, perhaps there are others, maybe many others. I just wish that once and for all that this abortion issue be left out of politics, it muddies the real issues like war and peace. The mood of the country is for dramatic change and Dr Paul offers it, he will win.

Something is very wrong with this forum, my comments are being attributed to other names and vice versa.

whoops, the board is fine, my mistake.

"I suspect a lot of "main stream" candidates are going to be literally shccked when they find out that the people in this country are literally disgusted and worn out with all the lobby money grubbing politicians we have in both parties."

Perhaps in your opinion, Edwards and Obama aren't mainstream... because they haven't taken any special interest money, either. Way to go, Democrat.

A few crazy notions from his interview at Candidates@Google (I'm summarizing):
He said that the free market was the end of child labor. Unless you attribute everything that happened in the US to "Free Market", that is just not true. The fact that we have Child Labor Laws shows that businesses would have continued using children if the government had not stepped in. That is not because of the "Free Market".
He said that the "Free Market" would end starvation.

There were more, but I'll stop there.