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I wonder how many Hail Mary’s she’s going to have to say for this whole mess

rosary.jpgI usually try to stick with talking about American law, legal stories and antics, because that’s really QuizLaw’s focus, in no small part because we just don’t know much about international law. But this story, reported in the UK Daily Mail, may be better than any criminal tale that’s ever appeared on our site, so there’s simply no way I can pass it up.

Silvia Gomes De Sousa appeared in an Italian courtroom yesterday to face charges that she tried to kill a man, Carmelo Mantarro, and burn down his house. De Sousa and Mantarro had been scrumping for several years so the 39-year-old De Sousa was understandably peeved when she found Mantarro in bed with another woman. De Sousa went into a rage and threatened to kill Mantarro. She then used some candles and matches to set the curtains and furniture on fire. Some folks happened by and managed to restrain her from actually attacking Mantarro, and the cops and firemen showed up quickly and were able to snuff the flames.

Already a reasonably good story in and of itself, but I’ve only set things up for the money shots.

First, there’s the fact that Mantarro is seventy years old, almost twice her age! Then there’s the fact that De Sousa’s threats to kill him were surely something to take seriously since she arrived at the house inexplicably carrying a machete (one must assume that she knew of the affair prior to walking into the house, meaning she was quite premeditated). And then there’s the fact that Mantarro isn’t just 70, but he just happens to be a priest. Oh, but wait. The arsonist and almost-murdering De Sousa is herself a nun! And his housekeeper. AND, while in court and explaining that she was so enraged because their relationship was so serious, the nun explained how she had even had two abortions for Mantarro, the priest!

Needless to say, according to the UK Daily Mail, this story was “the talk of [Italy] as it dominated TV and radio news programmes.” Anyway, there’s no punch line to this story. Just go re-read that last paragraph again.

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I read this and thought two things--first, celibacy isn't for everyone, second, this is so much more charming than the Catholic Church sex scandals we have in the States.

It's a classic love story really, ripped from the scripts of the best soap opera. Reminds me of Days of Our Lives for some reason...

At least in Italy they do women. In the States, the priests usually screw boys. Does that keep them out of trouble? I don't think so.

what did the pope had to say about this one?