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I must not fear. Fear is the mindkiller…

trashcan.jpgHiding in a trash can. Making out with a hot total stranger. Putting on a plastic green derby and blending into the crowd at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade so you can continue your search for the one armed man. All these are tested and proven methods of avoiding police detection. But what does Francisco Correra Jr. do?

(CBS) BRONX An astonishing attempted escape from the police in the Bronx Wednesday morning left a suspect dangling from the side of a high-rise, 23 stories above the ground.

Attempting to avoid detection after violating an order of protection, police pursued the Teenage Mutant Retard Felon Correra to a high-rise where he employed the ancient art of Holy Crap Fu.

Correra was eventually pulled in after police broke through the window guard. He was charged with violation of a protection order and assault.

His father was charged with breeding an idiot.

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Hey Manny, I assume your contributions here are all a part of your master plan for world domination?

Absolutely. Dustin wouldn't sleep with me so I figured this was the next logical step. And with Seth going in for surgery, Dustin has noone to defend him.....bwahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

Now, Manny -- what'd we learn about rape jokes over on Pajiba? It's never funny, unless you're raping a clown.

Besides, coercion won't be necessary, my Puerto Rican bouncy ball.

Welcome to the site, man.

As of this comment, I am no longer getting any actual work done. I am officially useless, which means very little when you consider that I work for New York State. Thanks, guys! ;)

Me too Kolby. I'm actually starting to feel a little guilty.....nahhhhhhhh.

I have to agree with Kolby...how am I supposed to balance spread sheets with 'teenaged mutant retard felon' going through my head?