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I Double Dog Dare You!

dbldogdare.jpgMan — I love dares. Or, I used to anyway. I remember fondly a time back in high school when some classmates dared me to ask a girl wearing fishnet stockings, “How much do you charge?” That was a fun day — especially the boot I took to the lip when Ms. Fishnet told her boyfriend.

But that’s nothing compared to this dare: “Police said the incident began when the 17-year-old friend taunted the 18-year-old with a gun, saying the 18-year-old would not shoot him.”

Guess what? “The 18-year-old then shot his friend in the thigh.”

Ha! Seventeen-year-old boys should know that 18-year-old boys never back down from a dare. The 18-year-old was arrested for aggravated battery, but if I were him, I’d argue duress at trial. There is nothing an 18-year-old won’t do if the request is appended with, “I double dog dare you.” It’s like sticking a terrible script under Nic Cage’s nose — What do you think is gonna happen? He’s gonna star in it, of course.