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I bet he wishes that he had come up with the nightmare that is Pauly Shore

theWeasel.jpgA hearty welcome to Nota Bene, a newcomer legal blog focusing on appellate law and criminal litigation. I specifically welcome Nota to the blogosphere at this point in time because I actually didn’t see this story on any of the regular blogs I follow, and you know I can’t resist the opportunity to post a story about a lawsuit between two celebrities. The celebrities in this instance — and you can judge for yourself whether the word properly applies — would be Wes Craven (responsible, of course, for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, among other things) and Pauly Shore (responsible, of course, for being a “weasel” and for being dead).

Turns out that Craven and Shore are neighbors. And according to the lawsuit filed by Craven last Wednesday, Shore has recently done some renovations and upgrades to his property, including to his house, pool and spa (how does he still have the money to afford a spa? It must be from his mother’s ownership of “The Comedy Store,” right?). Craven alleges that all this work caused a bit of a landslide last December, and that water is now seeping from Shore’s property onto Craven’s, screwing up his land’s stability and lowering his property value. So Wes is suing the Weasel for negligence and nuisance, seeking an unspecified amount in damages. He’s also asking for the rights necessary to make his next film, The Weasel, which is a terrifying account of the trials and tribulations of living next to a washed up comedian and actor who has turned into a zombie weasel.

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