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Well that’s one way to make the 405 log jam a bearable commute

the4oh5.jpgJust last week I mentioned, for the first time on this site (I think), “the Kevin and Bean show,” which is the morning show on LA’s KROQ. I love the hell out of that show, and even though I don’t live in LA anymore, I still listen to it almost every day thanks to the wonders of the internet. Anyway, during the call-in portion of their show on Friday morning, a gal called in with an appalling example of the law gone wrong. It’s also quite a funny bit, and worth the three minutes it’ll take you to listen to it. Give er’ a listen:

If you didn’t heed my advice to listen (or if the bandwidth has already been sucked up and you’ve been blocked from listening), I’ll give a quick recap – you can skip on to the next paragraph if you did listen. So Mary was in the car with her husband on LA’s heinous 405, and she decided to go down on him. He wound up in the carpool lane and got pulled over because the cop only saw one head in the car. They didn’t get a ticket for violating the carpool lane rules, but they did get a ticket for some type of sex offense (Mary didn’t mention what the specific crime was). In court, Mary was reamed out by the judge who then found her and her husband guilty. As a result, they both have to register on the sex offender registry, which also means that Mary will lose her job, as she works with kids.

Mary’s appealing this punishment which is certainly the right thing to do in this case, because that outcome is just preposterous. As Bean said on the show: “That is such an absurd overreaction. … That just flies in the face of what the intent is of the sexual offense registry.” No kidding. I mean, sure, I can understand a judge finding it to be in rather poor judgment (for possible bad outcomes of such an act, see, e.g. the infamous scene in Parenthood). But surely this isn’t the type of crime that any of us imagine would get you on the Kiddy Piddler List, right? Since I don’t know what crime she and her husband were convicted of, I don’t know what parameters the judge had in terms of sentencing. But if there was any discretion as to whether or not they should be put on the List, Mary and her hubby will surely win this appeal, because how can you not find that sentence to be an abuse of discretion?

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This is a similar in scope. I just got out of the military and according to the UMCJ, oral sex is considered sodomy and illegal no matter the circumstances. It tends only to be used against homosexuals in the military but I have seen the charge used in adultery cases as well. Maybe it's a similar situation in this case? Either way, it's insane for the government to get this involved in personal lives.

Lawrence v. Texas, as far as I know, abolished state sodomy laws.

So this woman and her legally-acquired husband consented to have intercourse (albeit oral) with him and (while it was a dumb move to do it in a moving vehicle) they get charged as sexual offenders?

I never liked that title "sex offender registry" or anything like it. It makes it too damn easy for crap like this and the Wilson case to happen. It is almost like judges hear that and actually believe it give them carte blanche for moral judgment.

Just because it says sex offenders does not mean it is for people having sex that offends you.

I just had to come out of lurking to commend Vermillion - well said, sir! or ma'am! as the case may be.

Man, that is one of the most depressing stories I've heard for a long time.

Only in America. Or maybe Iran.

In a car driving down the freeway is not a private place, so Lawrence has no bearing. Probably some sort of lewd act in public statute.

This isn't an issue of the government getting involved in people's bedrooms though... having sex while driving a car is really fucking dangerous. It shows a blatant disrespect for the safety of everyone else on the road and I don't underestand why people would defend it.

Roses-- Sure, it's a stupid thing to do while driving. But so is eating, putting on makeup, changing clothes, text messaging, and a whole shirtload of other things. All things which DON'T land a person on a sex offender registry, a place which SHOULD be reserved for rapists, child molesters, and their ilk. The officer didn't pull these people over for 'sex acts on the freeway', he pulled them over because he THOUGHT there was only one person in the car in the carpool lane-- and then decided to charge them with doing something they probably had no idea was in the slightest way illegal.

Well said, Genevieve.

Oh, and you wanna talk about "possible bad outcomes"? I submit to you "The World According To Garp" Youch. Of course, that car was parked, but still. Youch.

Anyone else find it interesting that the same folks who want a "small government" that "stays out of their personal business" (and by that they almost always mean "financial business" because, God forbid they pay their fair share for the government services that they receive) have no problem whatsoever dictating who can have sex, where they can have it, and what kind of sex it is that they are allowed to have?

Of course these are the same people that think it's OK to air prime time TV shows where corpses are realistically dissected, or people are shot/killed/murdered on screen but go absolutely ape-shit when a nipple is shown on the screen for half a second. The same people that take their kids to see Rambo decapitate people with razor wire get all in a tizzy if a TV show has two guys holding hands.

But get your God damned hands off of their money!

Our countries irrational hysteria over "sex crimes" is only matched by the hysteria over terrorism. This is just one of countless ridiculous examples of common sense being tossed out the window. Another example: the 15 yo girl that got charged with possession of child pornography... for having nude photos of HERSELF.

As a country we really need to lighten up. Last I heard sex was supposed to be fun. We need to stop being so obsessed with sex and nudity. It's only natural after all. If it's consensual then it can only be but so bad.

Violence is what we need to condemn, in all it's forms.

@Go Big Red
The "small government" talk is nothing but a ploy. The Republican party doesn't give a crap about anyone except the Bourgeois. They are a good ole boys club, intent on preserving their place of privilege and inforcing their prudish morals on everybody else.

So, slap them with a reckless driving citation then. Though, as pointed out, it's not like this is any more dangerous than countless other things people do while driving. BTW, when I was a teenager, my girlfriend used to give me head all the time while driving, and I never once got into an accident. The one accident I did get into was because I was fiddling with a tape in my stereo.