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I am your deeentiiiiist…..

11232-11279.gifA dentist was found passed out in his office with a gas mask pumping nitrous oxide over his face.

A Long Island dentist was arrested yesterday after he was found by a patient unconscious and inhaling nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, in his office, police said.
The patient had an appointment at Dr. Norman Rubin’s Smithtown office, but when he got there, saw no sign of activity.
Rubin, 45, was found in a treatment room “unresponsive and drooling, and he had the gas mask on his face,” said Lt. Kevin Burke.
Medics rushed to the scene and revived the dentist. Rubin was charged with inhalation of hazardous inhalants.

When asked if any giant, singing Venus flytraps from outer space or masochistic Bill Murrays were involved, there was no comment.

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But really, a masochist dentist wouldn't do that, as it causes pleasure, no?

No no no. The dentist is a sadist. Bill Murray is the masochist.