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I am Man! I am Man!

I-Am-Man-1006.jpgOut on Philly, an Indian fella with a tad too much testosterone got his comeuppance this week. Thirumurthy Nakka Boomaiah of Chennai, India was sentenced to 69 days in jail (which he’d already served) for getting fresh with the flight attendants on a London to Philadelphia trip.

Boomaiah was arrested March 21 at Philadelphia International Airport after passengers and crew complained that he had rubbed the legs and genital areas of female passengers and thrown water in the face of a flight attendant who told him to stop. Passengers told authorities that after crew members strapped Boomaiah to his seat, he continued to shout obscenities until the plane landed.

Boomaiah was initially declared incompetent to stand trial because, during his first court appearance, he had to be wrestled to the floor after he started lurching toward a female clerk, shouting “I am Man! I am Man!”

Doctors, however, eventually ruled that he was competent to stand trial after learning that Boomaiah wasn’t crazy, he was just singing the new Burger King Double Whopper song.

Sing it, brother: