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“I’m funny how?”

theSuper.jpgRichard Naumann was in front of an Ohio judge facing allegations that he was a slum lord and that he owed the gas company over $100,000. The judge in the case, Patrick Carroll, decided to punish Naumann with a sentence straight out of a Hollywood flick. Naumann has been sentenced to house arrest. The catch is, he doesn’t get to hang out in his own home, but in one of his crummy apartment buildings. And he’s stuck there until that building, and his other building, are brought into proper shape (right now, the buildings have no heat or hot water, nor working showers or working ovens). He can leave the building from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., to do work, but he must otherwise be in his slum, and he’ll be wearing a Martha Stewart-brand electronic monitoring anklet to ensure he abides by his house arrest.

In addition, any rent he collects must now get turned over to the city. Residents of his slum apartments, and the gas company, can then petition the city for reimbursements from this little fund.

(And yes, I know the post’s title comes from Goodfellas, not The Super [which is the flick where Pesci plays a slumlord ordered to live in one of his buildings] - but I couldn’t give you a quote from The Super if my life depended on it.)

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"At least there's a Motif - WALL TO WALL SHIT!"