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Hypocrisy …

… thy name is douchebag (R-GA).

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The thing that gets me is how many people parrot this stuff verbatim. Regular people, not just political hacks speaking from a soapbox. I listen to lots of talk radio (mostly progressive stuff, admittedly) and they get caller after caller making claims that Obama has ties to Al Queda, that he's a muslim, that he refuses to swear in on a Christian Bible, or that he's obviously un-American because he doesn't wear a pin on his jacket. Hell, even Dan Abrams slipped and referred to that now infamous Time magazine photo as showing that Obama didn't put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance; it was actually the National Anthem, and anyone that has been to a sporting even of any kind...ever knows that it's actually very uncommon to place your hand over your heart during the Anthem. There's nothing that prohibits it, but it's hardly required or expected either.

And the idea that his explanation for not wearing a lapel pin is "convoluted" is laughable. Obama simply said that he thought such outward displays of faux-Patriotism were being used as a substitute for the real thing. In other words, wearing a t-shirt with a flag on it doesn't make you Patriotic; it's your words and deeds that demonstrate your patriotism. Any time anyone uses more than 4 words or platitudes to describe a position, it's dismissed as convoluted and too difficult to understand. These jackoffs actually think that everyone is as stupid as they are.

One other point that is hilarious here is that Obama's health care program comes with a "60 billion dollar price tag". The Iraq war, which this jackass supports, costs the American people 12 billion dollars every single day that we are there. That's 60 billion dollars every 5 days, for those of you who have trouble with math. And yet, 60 billion to insure many of the currently 45+ million Americans without insurance (many of whom are children) is a waste of money.

Sorry, that should be 16 billion per MONTH in Iraq, not per day.

I have a yellow ribbon on my truck that says "Bring Them Home". I was at a Home Depot and a guy I guess saw me park and followed me towards the store. He didn't like my magnet. Calling me an "Un-American Piece of Shit". I was on leave, just after a six month deployment from Iraq. I tend not to like Americans that much anymore...